The Pure Relief line of products is formulated to reduce reactions triggered by normal everyday personal care products. One of the key recommendations of allergists and other medical professionals is to limit exposure to products and foods that trigger allergic reactions. The cause of the sensitivity may be unknown but likely is from an overload exposure to chemicals in our environment.  We have found that amines in personal care products aggravate allergies/ sensitivities as do salicylates and fragrances.

Most ingredients in general use are quite safe while only a few are known to cause reactions in sensitive individuals. Our goal is to offer a gentle, soothing line of personal care products that will not trigger sensitivities and allow you to pamper yourself without the stress of having a reaction.

Environmental pollutants affect all parts of the body and in sensitized individuals, trigger allergic reactions of many kinds. These sensitivities may not show up-as skin conditions but many other side effects such as bronchial, neurological and digestive sensitivities. Frequently the conditions are aggravated when exposed to off the shelf personal care products.  Even if you are not particularly sensitive, limiting your exposure to active chemicals is a wise choice.

Marketing in the modern world has programmed us to believe that strong scent, voluminous foam, bright multi-layer packaging are all marks of quality. This is not true; good skin and hair care rely on a few principles and if your skin and hair are kept soft and hydrated they look radiant.

Fragrances are one of the ingredients that can and do cause discomfort for some individuals. We do not use fragrances at all in our formulations. If you wish-to use your favorite fragrance you can do so secure in the knowledge it won’t be competing with fragrances from your personal care product.

Botanical extracts are very popular currently and are frequently promoted as part of the product marketing. We regard botanical extracts as a category of potentially sensitizing active chemicals; in part because extracts of plants are complex and not always well understood. Some are quite therapeutic, others benign, but for certain individuals, many of these extracts can be a strong a trigger.