How We Got Started

Development of Amine-X  --- Amine Free Products

Managing multiple chemical sensitivities (M.C.S)

AmineX products were originally formulated to help one person deal with multiple chemical sensitivities. Initially, there was no idea as to the cause of the problem nor the sensitizing substances.

Reactions to foods and other products caused skin reactions, sleep pattern disturbances, anxiety, and intense heat.  Changes in diet, elimination of scented products and ammonia cleaners had already been done with some measure of success. 

Conventional allergy testing did confirm a response but no specific allergen could be identified. 

A review of labels on personal care products revealed that there were many active chemicals present that might be a problem. Amines, fragrances, and botanical extracts were identified as possible triggers.

It took us a long time to connect the dots between sensitivity and gasoline fumes, exhaust fumes and everything else. We knew for a long time that traffic pollution was a problem and that a growing list of foods was becoming a problem too, but we did not know why. Once we discovered that all unleaded gasoline sold in the US (and now most of the world) is treated with synthetic amines we made the connection. 

These synthetic chemicals and many others like them are primary sensitizers and for some people, neurotoxins. This class of chemicals has the effect of increasing anxiety and stress due to exposure and reaction. Additional reactions on the body may or may not occur but the primary effect is a mild to severe nervous system reaction.

Typical of sensitization, other items that did not contain amines, like fragrances, also became a problem, likely due to the body's detoxification system overload.

The real break through was the understanding that making just one change did not make a significant difference. It was only when, through a combination of changes such as dietary, personal care product changes and house hold cleaner changes together was there a definite and significant improvement.

The development of these amine free products proved very useful and beneficial in managing chemical sensitivities the AmineX Pure Relief brand came into existence.