The Overwhelming presence of Fragrances.


Fragrances have become, in more recent times, an overwhelming presence in just about all places and products.  Each day seems to bring new and more strongly scented product onto the market.


We are all conditioned by advertising to judge product quality by smell.  Unfortunately, the smell tells us nothing about the product at all; other than the advertisers attempt to connect fond memories to a fragrance they have added to their latest merchandise.


If you are particularly sensitive to chemicals or suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities, MCS. the excessive use of fragrance is objectionable and has a very definite effect on your health and wellbeing. Fragrances are complex blends of natural and synthetic materials many of which trigger strong reactions in people who suffer from chemical sensitivities.


Many other people, not bothered by chemicals particularly, find that product fragrances clash with their favorite perfume or cologne; not to mention the clash of different fragrances of each of the personal care products used. For either group, fragrance-free is a requirement.



Use of products that are completely fragrance-free is an attractive alternative as there is no underlying scent to overcome with perfume or cologne.  


For others, no smell is desirable because of an office or workspace policy restricting the use of strong smelling personal care products.  Fragrance-free applies most to people in the healthcare field where great care must be taken to limit the use of scented products out of consideration to their patients particularly those suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities.  Athletes and hunters are also a large group of users that seek fragrance-free products.


Most of all many people choose fragrance-free products out of personal preference.   Whatever the reason AmineX  Products offers a full line of personal care items that are completely free of all fragrances.