The Overwhelming presence of Fragrances.


Fragrances have become an overwhelming presence in just about all places and products.  Each day seems to bring a new and more strongly scented product in the marketplace.
We are conditioned by advertising to judge product quality by smell.  Unfortunately, the smell tells us nothing about the product at all; other than the advertisers attempt to connect fond memories to a fragrance they have added to their latest merchandise.
The term "unscented" does not necessarily mean fragrance-free. Some products contain masking fragrances or other strongly scented substances that contribute to the overall smell of the product. Always read the label to see if anything resembling perfume, fragrance or scent has been added.
Many other people find that product fragrances clash with their favorite perfume or cologne. Sometimes fragrance-free is a requirement of an office or workspace policy restricting the use of strong smelling personal care products.  The fragrance-free requirement applies most to people in the healthcare field.  


Whatever the reason for using fragrance-free products, The Pure Relief line of products offers a full range of personal care items that are completely free of all fragrances, scents, perfumes and masking agents.