Chemical Sensitization Affects us all.

Our world is a complicated place, every day we are exposed to more and different chemicals that are introduced into our environment. Chemical overexposure is one of the key reasons that allergies and sensitivities, in all industrialized countries, are on the rise or at all-time highs. 

As humans, we all react to chemicals -- a few of us develop a hyper-immune reaction also known as sensitization and react strongly, much more than others; this group of people is often labeled as "chemically sensitive". Once sensitized to an environmental chemical, a person becomes reactive to all similar chemicals whether in personal care products, foods, beverages, household cleaners or industrial chemicals.  Typical of sensitization, other items such as flavors, food colors, and fragrances, also became a problem. 

Knowledge of the sensitizing effect guided our choices in ingredient selection. Compounds with active groups such as ethoxylates, amines, amides, imides, and sulfonates were eliminated from consideration as much as possible. Ingredients that enhance absorption through the skin we either eliminated or used very sparingly. Active chemicals such as UV absorbers and vitamin compounds such as retinol A and alpha-tocopherol were also eliminated except where such substances are naturally occurring in the vegetable oil or butter. We avoid ingredients that are very acidic or alkaline. Finally, we also looked at active botanicals in the natural substances we selected. Ingredients that had a high salicylate content or had a monoamine oxidase inhibiting effect were also eliminated.


The personal care products we created are, in our opinion, the least sensitizing, most gentle products on the market today. However, humans are not clones, we are much more like snowflakes, very unique individuals. We, therefore, recommend testing a small quantity of the products before you buy. We want you to be very sure that you will not react in any way before you purchase the regular size containers. We offer out free trial kit specifically for this propose.