Environmentally friendly:

Ingredients: These products have been formulated using as many natural ingredients as possible. (By natural we mean that they are grown from non-GMO plants and were extracted from the fruit, bark, nut or seed and not synthesized or extracted from animals) In some cases where the function requires some synthesis, we have selected products where the least synthesis is necessary for the specific function and where the reactants do not leave any sensitizing residues. Where possible we have avoided the use of mineral oils and silicones.

Special care has been taken to ensure that these products are safe for use in gray water systems and will not present a hazard to humans, pets, wildlife or plants. Using the same care, we selected a very mild preservative system that is totally free of parabens or formaldehyde forming compounds. Each of the ingredient choices is covered in the product descriptions.

Packaging: Our products are packaged in polyethylene tubes. The choice of this type of packaging was made using the same criteria as the ingredients. Clear polyethylene tubes have a very low energy of conversion to the finished product, are not fragile, are completely recyclable and have a low weight/fuel cost per unit for shipping. Tubes allow the user to avoid direct contact with the bulk of the contents on every use, enhancing hygiene and extending the shelf-life.  Additionally, as tubes stand on their tops allowing the user to use most if not all the contents.