AmineX™ Fabric Care for the chemically sensitive.

Of all the chemical exposures we encounter daily, laundry products are a group of chemical blends that have the potential to be extremely sensitizing for some and a strong reaction trigger for others. Both laundry detergents and fabric softeners fall into this category and are mixtures of chemicals, some of which are best avoided, such as enzymes and optical brighteners.


Laundry Detergents: With the advent of restrictions on the use of phosphates in laundry products manufacturers developed liquid detergents to demonstrate that they were no longer using the environmentally problematic phosphates, plus liquid products were better suited for the newer automatic laundry equipment. What did remain in the formulations were optical brighteners in most brands and detergent enzymes in some brands. Both families of chemicals are a very significant risk for anyone who has any chemical sensitivities and the very high alkalinity makes them a hazard for small children. Optical brighteners have a tendency, over time, to make whites gray and colors dull as the repeat treatments remain on the fabric and change color.


Fabric Softeners Are somewhat simpler formulations and are a blend of softening chemicals, optical brighteners, fragrances, and dyes. In this case, the fragrances are a bigger risk for the sensitive person. The type of fragrance selected has the requirement that it must survive the heated dryer while still imparting a scent to the fabrics. All these chemicals coat the fabrics in a thin layer and depending on the type are quite resistant to removal in subsequent washes


Laundry: In most households, especially those with children, the laundry consists of personal garments and those items worn close to the skin including PJ's and bedding. Close contact for long periods during the day or night increases the risk that residual amounts of the chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. Some individuals are so sensitive to these chemicals that sitting next to someone whose clothing has been washed with detergent enzymes will trigger an allergic reaction.