Soothing Body Wash 4 oz


Pure Relief

Soothing Body Wash. 4.05 fl oz (120 ml)


Pure Relief Soothing Body Wash is a mild blend of detergents and skin conditioners that will leave your body feeling fresh and clean.  Pure Relief Soothing Body Wash is 100% fragrance-free, amine-free, paraben free, S.L.S free and salicylate-free.

Pure Relief Soothing Body  Wash is specifically formulated to remove silicone polymers and aluminum salts that are left on your skin by deodorants and antiperspirants. Improper removal of these polymers and salts from your skin can lead to skin irritation.

Pure Relief Soothing Body Wash is ideal for anyone who is sensitive to soap and detergents. The mild formulation is suitable for all skin types in children and adults.  


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